For Suppliers…Payment On YOUR Terms

With IFG’s Digital Supply Chain Finance, you’re in control of when you get paid. No more waiting. No more wondering when payment will arrive.


Just log in to the Supplier portal you’re already using, click Pay Me Early, and follow the prompts.

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IFG’s ‘Button-Money’ solution is the easiest way to working capital. See your eligible invoices, choose a payment date, and you’re done.

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Don’t work with strangers. Our early payment service is brought to you in conjunction with your customer. And IFG has been providing working capital to small and mid-sized businesses for over five decades.

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Your only charge is a small sliding-scale discount to invoice value. There are no other fees of any kind.

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Inclusive Funding

We’re on a mission to ensure that small and mid-sized businesses have access to working capital. Virtually every supplier can get early payment through our Digital Supply Chain Finance program.

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Simple Sign-Up

No more stacks of forms or lengthy questionnaires. Our fully digital sign-up process is fast and secure. So you can start getting paid when you want.

Packed With Features

Want to automate the process of speeding up payments? Just select “Always Pay Me Early.”
Want a specific amount of cash? Our Cash Planner will select invoices for you.

We’ll be with you every step of the way

Digital Supply Chain Finance: Built from the ground up for small- and mid-sized suppliers.

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The process is simple

Just go to your supplier portal and choose Pay Me Early. You’ll see invoices that your customer has approved and scheduled for payment. Click on any of them to select your own date for payment…sent directly to your bank account on the day you choose. IFG handles all the details.

Your invoice will be paid less a small sliding-scale discount, based on the number of days you receive early payment. There are no other fees of any kind. And you’ll be able to see the amount of the discount before taking early payment, so you’re always in control. The program is designed to be especially affordable for small- and mid-sized suppliers.

A one-time click-through sign-up is all that’s required to participate. You should be able to complete the entire process in just a few minutes online. There’s no impact to your credit, and no obligation to use the service.

No one gets you paid faster or more easily.