Digital Invoice Finance

Invoice To Cash from IFG

IFG’s Digital Invoice Finance service lets you turn your invoices to cash in as little as 24 hours. Even better, our service is “use it as you need it.” Finance one invoice or hundreds. All without piles of paperwork, application fees, or long-term commitments.

And all from IFG, a trusted provider of working capital for almost 50 years.

Why Invoice Finance From IFG?

When you need additional working capital but your customer doesn’t offer an early payment program, Digital Invoice Finance can help.

IFG pioneered select Invoice Finance – letting you choose individual invoices for early payment. We work relentlessly to make the entire process as quick and easy as possible.



We can provide funding in as little as 24 hours…without the hassles of applying for loans.



We’re here when you need us. Fund a single invoice or dozens.



We’ve been helping small- and mid-sized businesses for five decades with peerless service and technology.

How Does Invoice Finance Work?

Invoice Finance is simple…and IFG’s process – perfected over five decades of service
– is designed to make it work for clients.

Your company delivers goods or services and issues an invoice to your customer.

IFG purchases your company’s selected invoices at a discount, and pays you immediately.

You notify your customer that the invoice has been assigned to IFG.

Your customer pays the selected invoices directly to IFG as scheduled.

Invoice Finance from IFG gives your company the ability to grow without incurring debt or diluting equity. It can help smooth income during periods of erratic cash flows or sales. And it can help you grow by providing working capital in a timely fashion.

Here’s who we work with

B2B Suppliers…

Companies whose customers are other businesses, not individual consumers

…actively operating…

Companies that are actively providing goods and services and billing customers on an ongoing basis

…in almost any industry.

IFG works with companies of all types.


Progress Bill to Cash

Construction firms and subcontractors can benefit from early payment funding, but most Invoice Finance funders lack the necessary industry expertise. IFG has deep expertise in construction funding, and we may be able to help.