Digital Supply Chain Finance

It’s simple. Suppliers choose when they get paid with Digital Supply Chain Finance from IFG. How fast? Is Wednesday OK?

How does it work?

Did we mention it’s simple?  Suppliers log into the Procure-to-Pay portal they’re already using, select from their approved invoices, and click “Pay Me Early.”  Payment arrives on the date they choose…to their own bank account.


It’s easy for buyers, too.  IFG takes care of early payments to suppliers.  And buyers simply pay their invoices as scheduled – with no changes at all to AP processes.

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IFG’s ‘Button-Money’ solutions make early payments easy

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Good For Buyers

  • Supports your critical supply chain partners
  • Embedded seamlessly into your existing supplier portal
  • No cost to you, no commitment, no changes to your current AP process
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Good For Suppliers

  • Choose your own payment date
  • The cost is just a small discount to invoice value, with no other fees
  • Available 24/7 with a click

IFG’s World-Class Technology Drives It All

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Our system is built for integration, so it works seamlessly through the portals of our Procure-to-Pay and AP Automation partners. Don’t have your own supplier portal? We’ll customize ours for you.

Customer Experience

Even the best early payment program won’t succeed if suppliers don’t use it. IFG’s is designed to simplify the experience – from click-through sign-up, to invoice view, to payment. Fast, friendly and safe; and all online.

Underwriting and Risk Management

We review thousands of data points in real time, so every supplier gets a Dynamic Credit Limit. All from our database of over 118 million companies worldwide. It’s automatic. And we’ll do real-time KYC and AML checks wherever required.