For Buyers

Digital Supply Chain Finance: The Best of Both Worlds

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Support Your Critical
Supply Chain

Now your suppliers can choose when they get paid…with just a few clicks. IFG handles everything from end-to-end – at no cost to you.

Maximize Your Working

Buyers across the globe have trillions of dollars tied up in payables. Supply Chain Finance helps you free this capital without harming your suppliers.

IFG’s Digital Supply Chain Finance program integrates seamlessly into the supplier portal you’re already using

We do it all

There’s no easier way to support your suppliers. IFG takes care of everything. And you don’t have to make any changes to your existing AP process.

Works with your current set-up

Already doing Dynamic Discounting? Have a virtual card program? Have a supplier portal? Our early payments programs work seamlessly with all of these.

Funding for virtually
every supplier

Our program uses fast data and a proprietary decision engine to assess funding, so virtually every supplier down to the smallest can get early payment.

No Guarantee required

Say goodbye to required IPUs or other payment guarantees. With IFG, you pay invoices exactly as you did before – no guarantees, no accounting treatment changes, no risk.

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A Program Designed With Your Suppliers in Mind

A Supply Chain Finance program won’t work if suppliers don’t want to use it. Ours is engineered from the ground up to make sure they will.


Inclusive Funding

With IFG, no one’s left out. We’ll fund virtually all your suppliers, especially the long tail who often need it most. And access is available 24/7, so we’re ready when they are.

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Extended Funding

Our Invoice Finance lets us fund your suppliers’ invoices submitted to other buyers — right through the portal — so you’re providing a comprehensive working capital solution, not just occasional early payment.

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Simple Sign-up

It’s fast, all-digital, and secure. So your Suppliers can get started quickly, with no paperwork, no hassles, and no start-up costs

Buyers: Let IFG build an
early payment program just for you

With IFG’s Digital Supply Chain Finance, you’ll make supplier payments exactly as scheduled. We’ll take care of the rest.

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Program Design

We’ll help you set goals, then build a program around them:
• Support your critical suppliers
• Preserve your working capital


We’ll customize our comprehensive early payments solution to match your existing supplier portal – so your suppliers have a seamless, single sign-on solution.


Whatever size your supplier base, IFG can provide always-on funding. And we can even help with early payment on invoices submitted to other buyers, directly through our portal.

Supplier Enablement

We’ll communicate the benefits of the program to suppliers, sign them up, and manage customer support.