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Early Payments…Reinvented

IFG harnesses the power of technology to provide working capital solutions for the largest corporate buyer, the smallest supplier, and everyone in between.

For over fifty years we’ve provided billions of dollars in reliable and affordable funding.

How can we help you?

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Who We Serve

Corporate Buyers

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Fortune 1000 and mid-market companies trust IFG to support their supply chains with early payment solutions: Dynamic Discounting, Digital Supply Chain Finance and Digital Invoice Finance.

Vendors and Suppliers

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IFG lets suppliers opt for early payment on a single invoice or thousands.  Our working capital solutions include Supply Chain Finance for suppliers whose buyers offer it, and Invoice Finance when their buyers don't.  Technology makes it fast, simple and affordable.

Enterprise Partners

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Procure-to-Pay and AP Automation firms rely on IFG’s cloud-based technology and funding to power their early payment solutions across the globe. We’re built from the ground up for fast integration and white-labeling.

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'Button-Money' Solutions

IFG’s digital platform makes early payment simple and intuitive for suppliers.  A one-time click-through sign up is all that’s needed to get started. And once a supplier is registered, early payment is just a few clicks away.

Why IFG?

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Expanding inclusivity with greater Supplier access to capital...

Driven to offer early payment to businesses that could never get it before — applying innovation to provide every supplier the funding it needs

…with the backing of billions in funding…

We’ve built a global network of institutional investors in multiple currencies. So we’re always ready when you are.

…and absolutely peerless technology.

The latest in technology drives everything we do — using a proprietary decision engine and fast data to power real-time funding.

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About IFG

Innovation is in our DNA.   From our roots in Invoice Finance to today’s leadership in Digital Supply Chain Finance, IFG has grown across the globe by relentlessly searching for new and better ways to serve our customers.  We’re obsessed with innovation and what’s new.

We introduced Single/Select Invoice Finance in the 1970s, allowing suppliers to take early payment on individual invoices — without minimums or long-term commitments.

Today, our cloud-based systems and no-code/low-code environment let us innovate even more quickly. We use fast data and a proprietary Dynamic Credit Limit to offer Supply Chain Finance to suppliers including the long tail. And flexible integration enables us to seamlessly provide early payment programs with our partners.

Even as the world changes, one thing remains the same: We’ll use technology to improve working capital funding at every turn.

IFG is a mission-driven organization.  For over five decades we’ve focused on a single goal:  ensuring that small and mid-sized businesses have access to reliable, affordable working capital.

Meet the IFG leadership team.  Decades of experience in commercial lending, invoice finance, and financial technology.  Driven to help businesses of all sizes grow and thrive.