Perfect Solutions!

Small and growing companies know the challenges of finding sufficient working capital to finance their immediate expansion needs. IFG’s invoice finance service is the perfect solution to this ongoing problem.

Welcome to The Interface Financial Group®

Interface can help your business grow simply by turning your current unpaid invoices into instant cash. Through an innovative and proven invoice discounting process, Interface supplies the working capital to make your business grow.

Building on over 40 years of service and millions in funding, Interface brings not only a professional but personal service to facilitate the growth plans of our clients.


With an innovative approach to financing the needs of ‘small business’ Interface is able to offer real-time and cost-effective cash flow solutions.

Benefits of the IFG Solution

Get cash in 24-72 hours for first time applicants.

Enrolled customers can receive cash in less than six (6) hours.

No minimums. No maximums.

Use it as you need it

No upfront fees.

No account to open.



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