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What are the five biggest problems small business faces today?

According to B2C, 50 percent of small businesses can’t make it for more than four years.

According to a B2C article entitled, "5 Biggest Problems Businesses Face" 50 percent of small businesses can't make it for more than four years, and the number one reason is lack of ample funding.

The Interface Financial (IFG) offers invoice finance services with these features: 1. Fast. 2. Flexible. 3 Easy-to-Use, 4. Simple fee structure and 5. No commitment.

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Tips for Improving Small Business Cash Flow

Small business owners continue to find creative ways to make and receive payments on time.

Many of today’s small business owners seek creative ways to make and receive payments on time, but when the cash isn’t flowing, what can they do?

Invoice financing from The Interface Financial Group(IFG) can help SMBs with cash flow. In fact, liquidity can be a major issue for SMBs as they typically cannot sell corporate bonds or tap into an equity market as easily as a larger company can.

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A Factoring Solution Can Help Mitigate Cash Flow Issues

Cash Flow Problems Resolved with a Factoring Solution

Electrical Construction & Maintenance, offers several good tips on how to prevent cash flow problems, however, there is one tactic not mentioned which is called a factoring solution. The Interface Financial Group's invoice factoring speeds up your cash flow by speeding up payment of your receivables.

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"Without IFG we would have had a tough time funding our contracts. You and your team go above and beyond in helping small companies meet there financial needs”

Joseph H Haggler IV, President Quartus Corporation

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