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Benefits of IFG

Unlike conventional lending sources, like banks and factors, IFG invoice discounting solution is very user-friendly. Our solution involves no long-term commitments or recurring monthly minimum invoice discounting volume requirements. You sell us accounts receivable only when you need cash. You do not have to sell us a minimum amount of receivables each month, or sell us receivables every month for a one or two-year contractual period. If you only need one-time funding, we can provide it.

We help you, as a supplier of goods and services, turn your quality accounts receivable into instant cash. Our solution essentially converts a sale, with 30 to 45-day payment terms, into a “cash-on-delivery” sale. As a result, you have the funds needed to finance your next sale immediately – not 30 to 45 days later – and/or to take advantage of vendor discounts (by paying earlier or buying larger quantities). This way you can increase your sales and revenue, accelerate your growth, lower your costs, and increase your profitability. Moreover, our solution allows you to compete on the basis of payment terms (and not just price) – a particularly profitable strategy if you can build in some of the costs of our solution into your pricing structure.

We offer a funding solution for any business that has sales and generates accounts receivable from other businesses, and from governmental authorities. Unlike many banks or factors, we do not flatly reject you as a potential client merely because you have not been in business for at least two years. Some of our clients have, in fact, been in business for only a few months.

Our review and approval process does not focus exclusively on your balance sheet. We do not flatly reject you because you have a weak balance sheet, or because you have experienced a negative credit event in your recent past. We focus more on the financial strength of your customers (the account debtors) — of those businesses who have an obligation to pay your invoices.

All Interface offices are independently owned and operated on a local basis, with experienced executives who respond to the needs of their clients personally. You local Interface office is your only point of contact, so things happen quickly. There are no layers of bureaucracy or lengthy review and approval processes.

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The Interface Financial Group® provides your growing small business with short-term working capital financing through a “use-it-as-you-need-it” invoice discounting program.

Our solution system is designed to be user-friendly, incorporating the necessary framework of invoice discounting transactions into simple and straightforward documentation.

The principal documentation required needs to be completed and executed once, prior to the initial funding transaction.
Once the IFG-client relationship is established and the initial documentation executed, the following SIX BASIC STEPS are needed to complete the first funding transaction:

With your cooperation, we can complete an initial funding transaction in as little as five business days from the time of your first communication with us. Subsequent funding transactions can be completed in less than 48 hours – since our initial due diligence of your customer and the initial documentation have been executed, our process and documentation are streamlined.

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The Interface Financial Group will consider funding any business that has sales and generates accounts receivable from other businesses, including early stage companies and governmental authorities. We provide working capital to manufacturers, distributors, importers, exporters, and service providers in almost every industry. We are among the few companies that fund progress payments owed to construction industry subcontractors.

The following is a partial list of some of the types of businesses that IFG is currently funding or historically has funded:

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Artwork Suppliers
  • Caulking & Restoration Services
  • Clothing Distributors
  • Commercial Copying Services
  • Commercial Printers
  • Computer Suppliers
  • Courier Companies
  • Demolition Contractors
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Electronic Assembly Suppliers
  • Electronic Suppliers
  • Environmental Subcontractors
  • Equipment Installers
  • Executive Search
  • Firms Facilities
  • Management Companies
  • Film Restoration Companies
  • Food Suppliers
  • HVAC Contractors
  • High Teach Recyclers
  • Industrial Cleaning and Janitorial Services
  • Information Technology Services
  • Insurance Restoration Companies
  • landscape Contractors
  • machine Shops
  • Manufactures’ Representatives
  • Masonry Contractors
  • Mobile Wash Service Providers
  • Painting Contractors
  • Publishers
  • Real Estate Agents and Brokers
  • Refrigeration Engineers
  • Roofing Contractors
  • Sign Partners
  • Staffing Companies-Permanent & Temporary
  • Storage tank Maintenance and Suppliers
  • Thermo-Corrosion Contractors
  • Tile & Carpet Installers
  • Training Schools
  • Trucking & transportation
  • Companies
  • Waste Container Manufacturers


As can be seen, our clients come from a very wide range of markets and industries. Here are some of their comments about the Interface service and how it has positively impacted their business:

“The Interface Financial Group provided us with excellent service for our special financing needs. We had secured a large subcontract on a DOD project and needed special funding to support the staffing requirement. IFG made the process simple, efficient, and straightforward. There were no surprises, and everything went as planned. We are very pleased with IFG and would highly recommend any organization in need of special and expedient funding to contact The Interface Financial Group to assist them. We continue to do business with IFG.“

“As a new professional services firm with few assets, I was unable to qualify for a traditional loan or line of credit. Using IFG’s invoice discounting services over the prior six months helped me double my staff and get my cash flow under control. I would not hesitate to use IFG again or recommend them to another small business. Thanks.“

“My construction business has never been able to readily obtain bank financing. Thanks to you (IFG) we were able to take on a major construction project. Your invoice purchasing helped me pay for material and my workers on time until the GC paid us.“

“Developing a strong working relationship with Interface has allowed me to stop worrying about cash flow. Any time I choose I can turn a portion of my receivables into cash. The process is very simple and straightforward.“

“I can′t stress how important using Interface was for my business. Interface was able to purchase receivables from my company and give me cash flow almost immediately to meet a variety of immediate needs. With Interface’s help I was able to protect my credit and maintain good standing with my suppliers, while my business was able to continue to move forward to meet the next hurdle. All of this was accomplished at very reasonable rates.“

“Thank you IFG. Your service has been an invaluable aid in getting my business off the ground and running. I′ve been met with nothing short of prompt, courteous, and efficient personnel. Your streamlined system for purchasing receivables couldn′t be simpler. I look forward to doing business with The Interface Financial Group in the future.“

“Interface has always provided funding exactly when agreed upon by both parties and, as discussed, no hidden items or fees.“

“ Developing a strong relationship with Interface has allowed me to stop worrying about cash flow. Any time I choose I can turn a portion of my receivables into cash. The process is very simple and straightforward.”

– Another Satisfied IFG Client

Recovery & Repossesssion Services
Safety Equipment Manufacturer
Cost Estimization Services
Website Design Company
Medical Software Development
Remediation Services Firm
WholeSale Packaging Distributor
Drywall Contraotor
Accounting Firm
Highway Marketing Contractor
Window Restoration Contractor
Cabinet Manufacture
Automotive Components Distributor
Business Consultancy Firm
Commercial Painting Contractor
System Integrator
Data Storage Company
Water Plants & Septic System Contractor
Telecom Construction Contractor
Helicopter Flight Service
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Interface provides short-term cash flow
Our Invoice Discounting program is a fast flexible, and cost-effective solution for small bossinesses facing cash flow challenges. Our client’s invoices become “cash-on-delivery” sales. There are no long-term contracts or commitments wth IFC, no hidden fees or charges, and there are no minimum volume requirements.

Providing short-term working capital
All too often prospective clients think since their bank isn’t able to help them with their short-term financial requirements Interface won’t be able to help them either, or their financial requirements are too small or too large to be of interest to Interface. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth!

The Interface Financial Group forges extensive local relationships with the banking community.
The fact that IFG is not a lending institution helps to facilitate those relationships.

IFG provides a non-competitive solution, allowing a bank to maintain and even enhance its deposit relationship, while “outsourcing” the customer’s short-term funding needs to IFG.

Benefits of the IFG solution for banks include:

  • The bank provides a solution, not just a “NO” response.
  • The bank maintains its customer base and improves its deposit relationships; IFG does not take the customer away from the bank.
  • The bank sees increased average daily balances as IFG funds are deposited with the bank.
  • When the bank’s customer becomes creditworthy in accordance with the bank’s lending criteria, the customer will return to the bank for funding because of its strong pre-existing relationship.

“Services provided by IFG allowed us to capitalize on significant growth opportunities over a short period of time tripling our workforce and increasing our revenue 10 fold”

~Carol Craig / President / Craig Technologies