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The Interface franchise is crafted with a high degree of technology. This helps to eliminate the need for support staff. In the majority of cases Interface franchisees/licensees operate as a one person entity. There is no need for staff, so the attendant procedures such as Payroll, H.R. policies, etc. are likewise not required.

the company

The Interface Financial Group (IFG) provides financial resources (spot factoring, invoice discounting) to clients in over 30 industries. With many offices across North America and over 45 years of experience, IFG is ready to meet your short-term financing needs. We service companies in the US.

Founded in 1972, The Interface Financial Group enjoyed almost immediate success and began offering franchises in 1990 to meet the growing demand for Interface’s unique invoice discounting and spot factoring system. Interface now has franchisees and licensees located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, and South Africa.

Our international headquarters are located in Markham, Ontario, Canada, and Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

The continued growth of Interface is due in large part to the testimonials of franchisees/licensees, who are willing to share their experiences with potential franchisees/licensees as they work through their discovery process.

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Imagine earning an excellent above-average return on your capital, with minimal marketing, and a work schedule that you control – all accomplished in a business-to-business environment.

Interface offers a unique franchise model in a TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY. Interface teaches franchisees/licensees how to be successful because Interface was very successful in the same business for over two decades. We now franchise what we have created and perfected over many years. We are not in competition with our franchisees/licensees – we do, however, work alongside them in a shared 50/50 environment.

As a successful franchisee/licensee of The Interface Financial Group®, you will enjoy not only significant financial benefits, but also a quality lifestyle with none of the pressures or limitations associated with a conventional 9-5 job.

Key advantages include:

  • No staff to hire, fire, or manage
  • No storefront to own, lease, or maintain
  • No Inventory or stock to purchase
  • No extensive travel because IFG franchisees do business locally
  • Business-to-Business, professional environment with regular business hours of operations
  • Flexibility to relocate for part of the year or permanently and continue doing business

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The Interface Financial Group® (Interface) provides specialty finance services for expanding companies. Interface franchisees/licensees focus on ‘purchasing receivables’ in order to accelerate their clients’ cash flow which, in turn, facilitates more rapid growth for Interface clients. To receive a detailed overview of The Interface Financial Group® please complete our Franchise Information Request Form.

The Marketplace

The invoice discounting marketplace is part of the factoring ‘financial service’ family. The market continues to grow at a healthy rate, especially at the lower end of the sales volume scale, i.e. the unique Interface market niche.  Since 1972, when Interface began its invoice discounting business, we have enjoyed great success working with smaller emerging companies. Our client profile shows that these companies have sales in the range of 300,000.00+ to about 4-6 million per annum and have been in business, in some cases, for as little as 5 or 6 months, and usually not much more than 4 years.

Invoice Discounting is a mature financial service, both in North America and on a worldwide basis.

According to the Factoring Year Book, (published by BCR Publishing of Bromley, Kent, England) and Factors Chain International, invoice discounting and factoring have shown a dramatic increase in volume over the past five years. On a worldwide basis, invoices that were subject to discounting or factoring were measured in trillions of dollars, with over 2,000 companies worldwide engaged in this type of business in over 70 countries.

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Franchisee/Licensee endorsements are always the best references.

Recent interview with a long-standing Franchisee

When considering your next career move, talking with someone who has walked in your shoes before can give you the insights you need to decide your path. If you are considering a career change from your current position in the corporate world, then we would like to share a recent conversation with one of our senior franchisees about his experience with owning a financial services franchise.

Q:  How long have you been with IFG?

A: Over 11 years.

Q: What were you doing prior to starting your IFG franchise?

A: Prior to IFG, I was in the corporate world working for a $5 billion global corporation. I was a VP with P/L responsibility for our electronic components division in the America’s.

Q: What attracted you to an IFG franchise?

A: There were several things that attracted me to an IFG franchise.

The biggest was the Schedule Flexibility. I had kids in school and it gave me the opportunity to be a coach for my son’s football and lacrosse teams.

Second thing was the Low Overhead. There was no need for significant investment in equipment or inventory.

I was also attracted to the fact that this opportunity had Good Income Potential.

Additionally, I liked that an IFG franchise was a B-to-B business, which is where my background had been, and it kept me in a professional environment and required no cold calling on customers.

Q: What has your experience been like since working with IFG?

A: I was able to meet or exceed my initial 1 and 3-year goals when I started. Support from Interface has always been excellent.

It’s been fun; working with good quality individuals in my referral network, providing a valuable resource within my community for both my referral sources and clients. The acceptance and willingness of our referral sources to work with us is significantly beyond what I expected, which is mostly due to being able to provide a valuable resource for them.

Q: What are the key differences between what you are doing now and what you did previously?

A: No constant meetings, no long hours every week, no reporting to corporate – or at times being micro managed – and not having a staff to manage.

Q: What advice would you give someone who is considering entering into an IFG franchise?

A: If you like working with people, you can have a lot fun as an IFG business owner. The reception from banks, our number one referral source, will exceed your expectations.


These are some more of our franchisees/licensees and what they have to say about the Interface franchise and why they purchased it:

“IFG has a proven formula. There is a tremendous value in not having to re-invent the wheel. The lack of a defined system plays a significant role in why many new businesses fail.”

“To have my own business again, related to my past credit experience, No employees, people and client relationship building, small fixed costs.  Other franchisees in the area.”

“IFG is uniquely positioned to take advantage of today’s rapidly changing economic and financial needs. The consequence of past lending standards directly plays into IFG’s hands. It has a model that provides an opportunity to control risk, while providing an excellent return.”

“I was looking for a challenge and have always had a strong desire to operate my own business. IFG gives me the opportunity to utilize my past banking experience and gives me the chance to run my own business. I enjoy meeting and assisting people in business and IFG gives me opportunities to continue assisting small businesses.”

“Given my extensive experience in telecom and data networking I will be pursuing how to leverage that network into IFG services. Given that much of this market is serviced by small local companies there appears to be a very good fit.”

“For over 20 years I’ve wanted to work for myself but I was always waiting to find the product or service that would allow me that Distinct Competitive Advantage to separate me from the completion. It took some time, but I finally realized it was the skillset, experience, and attitude within myself that would provide that advantage and when I discovered the IFG product it felt the equivalent of slipping a hand into a glove.”


“The Interface Financial Group has provided us with excellent service for our special financing needs. We had secured a large subcontract on a DOD project and needed special funding to support the staffing requirement. IFG has made the process simple, efficient, and straightforward. There were no surprises and everything went as planned. We are very pleased with IFG and would highly recommend any organizations in need of special and expedient funding to contact The Interface Financial Group to assist them. We continue to do business with IFG. “

“As a new professional services firm with few assets, I was unable to qualify for a traditional loan or line of credit. Using IFG’s invoice discounting services over the prior six months helped me double my staff and get my cash flow under control. I would not hesitate to use IFG again or recommend them to another small business. Thanks. “

“I can’t stress how important using Interface was for my business. Interface was able to purchase receivables from my company and give me cash flow almost immediately to meet a variety of immediate needs. With Interface’s help I was able to protect my credit and maintain good standing with my suppliers, while my business was able to continue to move forward to meet the next hurdle. All of this was accomplished at very reasonable rates.”

“We would like to thank you so much for your support. The Interface Financial Group has enabled us to help achieve our mission to serve our customers quickly and very efficiently due to the outstanding service that your company has provided. We feel so fortunate to have you. You have made a major contribution to our company.”

“Services provided by IFG allowed us to capitalize on significant growth opportunities over a short period of time; tripling our workforce, and increasing our revenue tenfold.”

“We are very pleased with services provided by The Interface Financial Group.  Transactions are simple to process and funding and rebates are received in a timely manner.”

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There is no single description for Interface franchisees/licensees. Similarly, there is not one single background or profession that typifies an Interface franchisee/licensee. Interface franchisees/licensees come from very diverse backgrounds.

The following is a partial list of what franchisees/licensees did before Interface:

  • Software Designer
  • Trucking Firm Owner
  • Physicist
  • Retail Store Owner
  • Business Broker
  • Registered Nurse
  • Bond Trader
  • Teacher
  • Military Officer
  • Engineer
  • Chemist
  • Insurance Executive
  • CFO
  • Business Consultant
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Logistics Manager
  • Telecom Sales
  • CPA
  • Accountant
  • Project Manager
  • IT Director
  • Insurance Executive
  • Manufacturing
  • International Sales
  • Bank Executive
  • Attorney
  • And Others








Some Interface franchisees/licensees continue to operate in a business or professional environment in addition to running their Interface franchise. Others have chosen ‘semi-retirement’ and golf as the framework for their franchise setting.

Here are some varied skill sets that make individuals outstanding Interface franchisees/licensees:

If you see yourself as an individual possessing these traits, then we invite you to complete our “Franchise Information Request Form” for further information and the opportunity to share your background with us.

Our Training Mission statement says:

We strive to ensure that all IFG franchisees/licensees receive high quality training through self-study, formal training, field training, web-based training, modules, and the IFG coaching program to ensure their ability to succeed. 

Training is the essence of a good startup, and Interface endeavors to have franchisees/licensees operational in the shortest time possible.

Initial training is 6 days and is broken down into 3 two-day Modules as detailed below. Additionally, Interface provides ongoing coaching and training for the entire term of a franchise.

The initial module begins with the franchisee conducting a self-directed study session based on the Interface Operations Manual, and under the guidance of senior Interface executives.

Once Module 1 has been successfully completed, franchisees/licensees attend a 2-day Formal Training session at our North American training center located in Bethesda, Maryland. This is Module 2 and focuses on Interface background, transaction methodology, risk management, marketing, credit analysis, and much more. We hold these training sessions once a month.

Following Module 2 is the third element – Field Training. Here a senior Interface executive will visit your location for a 2-day program to assist you in creating an active Lead Source Referral Group. This calling program is crafted and organized by Head Office personnel.

The cost of training is included in the franchise fee, with the exception of the Bethesda portion where the franchisee/licensee is responsible for travel, lodging, and living expenses.

To receive a detailed overview of ‘The Interface Financial Group’, please complete our, Franchise Information Request Form”.

The Standard franchise model is available only in:
New Zealand, Mexico, and South Africa



The IFG 50/50 model is only available in:
The United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland


Interface does not offer both models in the same jurisdiction.
In some jurisdictions Interface operates on a license basis, and in others as a franchise model. While both are similar in nature there are some ‘local’ differences that set them apart.
Currently the franchise model is available in countries except Mexico and South Africa where a license program is in place.

Standard Model Features:


IFG 50/50 Model Features:  


In this franchise model, which we have operated for over 20 years, our franchisees and licensees operate their own business covering all aspects of the transaction. They are responsible for due diligence, through to documentation and funding.

Senior management and/or Local Master Licensees or Area Developers are always on hand to provide counseling and guidance in terms of each individual transaction. In this model we encourage all franchisees/licensees to make full use of the assistance facilities offered through the Interface management network. This assistance is in place for the life of the Interface relationship.

For very specific details of this model we invite you to email and request a copy of our comprehensive NARRATIVE document.

This model is structured on the standard model in that we offer exactly the same service to our clients under the same documentation structure as with the standard model. We do however extend, in the 50/50 model a leverage program that reduces the capital involvement for franchisees and shares the due diligence process between franchisee and franchisor.

For very specific details of the IFG 50/50 model, we invite you to complete our enquiry form This will generate an email to you with a copy of our comprehensive STORY document.


An interview with David T. Banfield, President of The Interface Financial Group


1. David, can you describe what type of person tends to do well in this business?
“Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that this is a people business long before it is a money business. In order to make this business work, we have to deal with people. Therefore, we seek candidates who have the skills to deal with people at all levels. The one trait shared by anyone who is successful in this business is the ability to communicate. It is absolutely essential.Second, because this business is financial in nature with a focus on small business, we seek people with good business acumen. The ability to say, ‘been there, done that’ is a very important asset. For example, having been a small business owner is very helpful because one can relate to clients based on real life experiences. However, being a corporate executive with small business interaction, such as a buyer of goods and services, would also be very beneficial.Naturally, another compatible skill set comes from seasoned financial professionals. Bankers, lenders, accountants, financial brokers, consultants and financial advisors make good sense in this business, as they know from direct experience some of the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs and growing businesses in attracting working capital from conventional sources.As you can see, these three scenarios encompass a tremendous range of professional experiences, but bear in mind that regardless of which of these backgrounds a person may have, I will again say people skills are paramount.”

2. David, is this a risky business?
“If there was no risk there would be no reward. Every business has a degree of risk associated with it. What is important is how that risk is managed. At Interface, we have a proven risk management system that has been honed to its present level for over 40 years. Without getting into great detail, as we would at franchisee/licensee training, our system relies on performing the appropriate due diligence before we ever complete a transaction.  It sounds obvious, but is nonetheless a point to always remember.Therefore, we have a very tightly-controlled risk management system that, coupled with the overall Interface system, enables franchisees to work in a well-controlled environment.”

3. What happens if a customer just doesn’t have the money to pay?

“This situation does happen, but it is the exception rather than the rule. Before we undertake any transaction, as I have stated, we always complete the appropriate due diligence.Because we operate on a recourse basis with our clients, it becomes the responsibility of the client to take care of the payment. This will happen either by re-purchase of the unpaid invoice or through an exchange mechanism that we have developed. Either way franchisees/licensees will always earn their discount.”

4. Where do I get my clients?
“We have a professional approach to marketing designed to solicit business from professionals. We have found, through surveys of our franchisees/licensees, that approximately 60%+ of all business is the result of referrals. Therefore, our number one (and the initial) marketing thrust is to have our franchisees develop a lead source referral group.That group consists of professionals such as loan officers at the bank, non-bank lenders, brokers and accountants. As part of your initial training, we will work with you on a one-on-one basis to develop a block of referral sources, and we do this in your location as practical, hands-on marketing training. An Interface senior executive goes into the community with you and together you start to develop a lead source referral group.”

5. How about repeat business?
“Feedback from franchisees/licensees indicates that a typical Interface client utilizes our service for a period of 12-18 months.”

6. How much money do I need to get started in this business, and what will it be used for?
“We encourage all franchisees/licensees to start in a ‘modest’ way as this is a business where you benefit from learning as you go. Therefore, initial working capital of say 50K over and above the franchise/license fee is appropriate. You will then add to this as your comfort, experience, and client levels grow.To get started, you will need a telephone; fax capability, and a computer. You will need to put gas/petrol in your car to visit clients as they DO NOT come to you – this facilitates a home-based business environment. Your other cash flow requirements will be a limited amount that you choose to invest in marketing – probably a maximum of 2,000 is a good annual budget figure.

7. I have read where Interface has been described as a ‘lifestyle’ venture. Please explain what that means, and help me understand what the pros and cons might be in a ‘lifestyle’ business.
“As we have stated, this can easily be a ‘home-based’ business. Another important feature of an Interface franchise/license is that, as it is capital driven, a typical franchise/license with say 250K of working capital will probably service only 4-6 clients, so only a limited time budget is required. The size of the portfolio will dictate time usage – we often say think bankers’ hours in this respect.

It is important to always remember that your ‘working’ environment is with professionals and business owners. Therefore, you will only work core business hours.”

8. How quickly can I get started?
“Here is a basic chronology. Once you make the decision to go forward, you will sign the franchise/license agreement and pay your franchise/license fee. Approximately one week later you will receive your Operations Manual. This is a very comprehensive set of manuals covering the A to Z of Interface, and they cover every conceivable aspect of the business. As part of your self-directed training we require that you study, review and absorb some of this material. Formal Training at our Training Center is scheduled on a monthly basis, and then following that a senior IFG executive comes to your location for Field Training to make calls on local banks and other referral sources. At the end of that training period, you are ‘open for business’.

Total time from signing the agreement to being ‘open’ is in the rage of 4-8 weeks.”

9. How do you assist me?
“From a ‘getting started’ point of view, there is the training and marketing assistance that we have already discussed. However, it is important to remember that training never ends. We provide a personalized coaching program, web-based training, transaction guidance and review, to name just a few areas. We strive to provide whatever assistance you need to make your franchise/license successful.”

10. Do I get a territory?
“No – this is a non-territorial franchise/license, hence it is also portable.  You are able to relocate and take you franchise/license with you.”

11. Are there regular meetings or other forms of interaction for franchisees/licensees?
“We maintain contact via corporate telephone, emails, and newsletters. Our Annual Franchisee/Licensee Conference is designed to broaden industry and company knowledge and give franchisees/licensees the opportunity to meet and network with other IFG franchisees/licensees, as well as the IFG management team.”

12. What do you mean by sense of community?
“This is a franchise/license that thrives on interaction between franchisees/licensees and the franchisor/licensor. Just because you happen to be a lone franchisee/licensee in a particular area, you should not think of yourself as operating in a vacuum. You, in fact, are part of a team that is interested in you, your ideas, your suggestions, and your needs.”

13. OK, what do I do next?
“Now that I have provided you with additional information, I need some additional information from you. If you would complete our Personal Data Questionnaire form, that would help us to evaluate a potential fit. Should you have any questions or concerns about the Personal Data Questionnaire form or its contents, email me at After receipt, review, and acceptance of your information, we will provide you with our Disclosure Document (if required).  At this time we will also introduce you to some of our existing franchisees/licensees in order that you can gain some first-hand feedback from individuals engaged with IFG on a day-to-day basis.”

Meaningful endorsements for any product or service normally can only come from people that have used the product or service and have first-hand knowledge of the organization that provides that product or service.

We believe the same is true regarding The Interface Financial Group franchise. If you need to really understand the benefits of the franchise and the support that comes with the franchise, then logically Interface franchisees are the best source of information.

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“Services provided by IFG allowed us to capitalize on significant growth opportunities over a short period of time tripling our workforce and increasing our revenue 10 fold”

~Carol Craig / President / Craig Technologies

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