Does your business need immediate cash? Are you frustrated with the lengthy application and longer approval cycles of traditional banks and financial companies and their lengthy application paperwork and even longer approval cycles? Are you looking to avoid application fees, additional charges and long-term commitments? If you haven't been in business very long you've probably discovered that you don't fit their client profiles.

Client Portal Videos

New User Creation
1 New User Creation
This video shows how to create your account with IFG.
First Login and Overview
2 First Login and Overview
This video shows what your screen will look like on first login, reviews the details of the Overview page and shows how to navigate the portal.
Account Page
3 Account Page
This video reviews the process for managing your account details and the users on your account
4 Alerts
This video shows how to manage your alerts.
Customer Approval and New Transactions
5 Customer Approval and New Transactions
This video reviews the individual customer approval process and how to submit a new transaction to IFG using the Client Portal.
6 Scenarios
This video reviews all of the looks and feels of the Client Portal when a client's account status changes.
Reports and Final
7 Reports and Final
This video reviews all of the reports available on the site as well as how to contact IFG directly.


"Our company appreciates IFG's support and professionalism”

Steven Howard / President of Industrial / Support Service

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