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Addressing S2P Platform Misconceptions Around Early Pay Programs
Few source-to-pay platforms, payment processors or other networks have been able to develop early pay dynamic discounting management (DDM) or supply chain finance solutions that have added significant revenue to their enterprises. (See Why Platforms Need to Monetize Their Supplier Ecosystem.)
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How Fintechs Can Use Non-Banks for Supply Chain Finance
In my last post, Many Fintechs Still Rely on Bring-Your-Own-Bank Strategy for Supply Chain Finance, I discussed how source-to-pay platforms and other cloud software providers still rely on their clients’ house banks for supply chain finance and why that might not be the wisest strategy given the times.
The Blurring of Supply Chain Finance Definitions
How factoring and supply chain finance differ from traditional invoice finance. And the real answer is it's very murky. There is certainly a blurring between invoice finance, invoice discounting, factoring, supply chain finance and asset-based lending.